5 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2019 – Reviews of Top Rated Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners have made cleaning up a lot easier than it used to be, but using the wrong model can lead to wasted time, hurting backs and arms, and corners left untouched. When cleaning with vacuum cleaners, you have to find a model that is designed and tailored for the space you are using it for.

This problem has become so prevalent that many companies soon picked up, bombarding you with hundreds of models and confusing you in the process. Here, we review the five best vacuum cleaners 2019 you can get your hands on today and hope that you find this list very helpful.

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Best ​Robotic Vacuums

Top Pick

​#1 Shark Navigator NV352

"​A great, affordable vacuum"

  • ​The Shark Navigator has more tools than most of the comparable vacuum cleaners, including two different crevice tools.
  • ​Lift-away technology
  • ​Complete seal technology and HEPA filter

#2 ​Dyson V7 Motorhead

"​​The best cordless vacuum for most people"

  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Fairly powerful for its size
  • ​Easy-to-empty dust canister

​#3 Miele Compact C2 Electro+

  • ​Capable on bare floors, rugs, and carpet
  • ​Top notch air filtration
  • ​Not too noisy


"​A good, cheap robot vacuum"

  • ​Long run time with minimal power fade thanks to the lithium ion battery
  • ​Great pick up especially on bare floor
  • ​App allows you to schedule and control the robot without having to be at home

​#5 Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik

  • ​Capable on bare floors, rugs, and carpet
  • ​Top notch air filtration
  • ​Not too noisy

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2019

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away from SharkNinja is named so to describe how it allows you to detach or “lift away” the body of the vacuum from its base. This design is very convenient because you can use it as a canister vacuum for high corners instead of having to be weighed down by its heavy base.

The lift-away design also means that you can use this to clean the interiors of your car. There is another lift-away model that can do this, but that is a lot more expensive than this one.

SharkNinja uses “never loses suction” cyclonic technology for this vacuum. Just like other modern vacuum cleaners, this model has a washable foam filter and a HEPA filter so if you have allergies, this is a great budget option.

The swivel steering is very helpful. It greatly improves the ease of use and maneuverability, which makes this model a good choice if you tend to have problems with mobility.

The only gripes we think you may have are that first, this model does not have a caddy that holds everything together and the power cord is a little shorter than that of other Shark models.


  • check
    ​Ingenious lift-away design
  • check
    ​HEPA filter
  • check
    ​Washable foam filter
  • check
    ​Good suction
  • check
    ​Doubles as car vacuum


  • ​Relatively short power cord
  • ​No caddy

We like the Dyson V7 motorhead vacuum mainly because of its light weight and sleek design. This model does not take up too much space, which makes it a good option for condos, dorms, and other residences with limited space.

The cordless V7 is also unique because it serves as a sort of middle ground between handheld and upright vacuums. The price is not bad; it is right in the middle of cheap vacuums and the extremely expensive ones.

It comes with many modular tools that can be attached and detached easily. In a nutshell, you can use the V7 for any part of the house and even your car.

On one full charge, the V7 can run for about half an hour on standard settings. The suction power is nearly similar to that in higher-end Dyson models. In our opinion, this is substantially valuable.

 The minor issues you may find with the V7 are mostly faults you can expect from a flexible vacuum cleaner. It takes longer to clean than an upright does


  • check
    ​Highly versatile
  • check
    ​Easily assembled and taken apart
  • check
    ​Cleans well


  • ​Can take some time to clean
  • ​You may find the wall mounting hard to work with

Miele Compact C2 Electro+ is ideal if you are willing to invest in a vacuum cleaner that has been proven to be quite powerful on both bare and carpeted flooring. This model is relatively expensive, but it is actually the cheapest one that has the manufacturer’s powered floor brush, a carpet tool designed to work on all types of carpets.

Because it works so well on soft carpets and low- and high-pile carpets, it is even recommended by some soft carpet sellers and manufacturers. It also comes with a parquet floor brush, which can be used even on delicate premium hardwood floors.

If you have premium flooring material that you want thoroughly cleaned but at the same time protected, you may benefit from using this machine.

One of its key features is its sealed 12-stage air clean filter system. With an Air Clean FilterBag and an HEPA-certified filter, the C2 can reportedly retain up to 99.99% of particles measuring as small as 0.3 micron.

Another thing we love about Miele’s vacuum cleaner is its telescoping wand, which is made of stainless steel. It does feel strong and sturdy, so your dollars may go a very long way with this model.

There are also numerous features here that may appear small at first but really make a difference over time. For example, the C2 has a “bag full” indicator, which tells you if the bag needs changing.

The capacity of the self-sealing dust bags is 3.7 quarts, which is fairly sizable in our opinion.

Miele’s C2 does not have a lot of reported issues. A lot of times, its wide handle grip gets criticized for being too big for small hands, making maneuvering difficult. The brush is also a little loud.

In general, we still see the C2 as a worthy item on this list. It is disproportionately more expensive than its contenders, but we believe that its formidable price tag is well justified.


  • check
    ​Cleans well on various surfaces
  • check
    ​Transitions well from low-pile to high-pile carpeting
  • check
    ​Very durable


  • ​Brush is loud
  • ​Very expensive

The DEEBOT N79 is a robotic vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS. Like all things robotic, this one has quickly gained attention on e-commerce sites and continues to sell to hundreds or thousands of consumers wanting to make their cleaning a lot less difficult.

​For a robotic vacuum cleaner, the DEEBOT N79 is midpriced. It is not as expensive as those that have been around for a much longer time, but it is not cheap either.

Like other budget robotic vacuum cleaners, the DEEBOT N79 does not have high-end features, such as high-capacity batteries and camera-based navigation. In fact, all it comes with are a spare filter, a cleaning tool, a remote, a charger, and two additional brushes.

This vacuum cleaner cleans well when it cleans. We say it like that because it either picks up dirt well or does not get rid of it at all. Also, the DEEBOT N79 can sometimes have difficulty transitioning from low (bare floor) to high (carpeted surface) because of its design.

All in all, we think that the DEEBOT N79 is a good budget robot vacuum. It is still not the best robot available on the market today but still offers a lot of value for money.


  • check
    ​Rarely ever gets stuck
  • check
    ​Very good at picking up dirt
  • check
    ​Can be controlled through a smartphone


  • ​Consumes a lot of time
  • ​Inconsistent in picking up dirt

If you are looking for a very cheap vacuum cleaner, we think it is safe to recommend the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik corded, bagless stick vacuum. This model is noticeably very light, weighing just around 3.4 lbs, so you can bring it nearly anywhere and taking it upstairs should not be too much work.

The brush roll fitted in the Simpli-Stik is good at getting rid of pet hair and dry debris on bare floors. It can clean on carpeted floors as well, which is great because you rarely ever see homes nowadays that have purely bare or carpeted floors alone.

The Simpli-Stik can also be converted easily to a hand vacuum. You remove the floor nozzle and the handle. Meanwhile, the crevice tool can be stored in the handle when not attached to the hand vacuum.

The only things you may have issues with are the power cord, which is a little shorter than that of common corded models, and its super light body, which tends to make it feel flimsy at times.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil is a practical option for those with small spaces, such as dorms or condos, and do not have special requirements. The Simpli-Stik pretty much has all the standards covered!


  • check
    ​Good weapon of choice against pet hair
  • check
    ​Easy-to-clean dry cup
  • check
  • check
    ​Easily maneuverable


  • ​Relatively short power cord
  • ​Can feel unstable due to lightness


The clear winner of this roundup is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away from manufacturer SharkNinja. We are naming it one of the best vacuum cleaners 2019 on the market today because although it is by no means perfect, it does give a lot of value for your hard-earned money.

Because of its “lift-away” design, you can use it for any part of the house and even for your car. It also already comes with an HEPA filter and other standard features of modern vacuum cleaners.

Overall, we think this is a trustworthy and reliable vacuum cleaner that you ought to have in your home. We believe that as a practical head of the household, you stand to benefit a lot from this neat model for a long time.

This ends our list of the best vacuum cleaners 2019. We hope you keep this list handy while shopping around!